Crisis Center Benefits

Looking to show your community that your center is innovative? Join! It's flexible, supportive, and rewarding!



Get Started Reaching New People has one of the most rewarding chat programs in the industry. Just contact the Coordinator, we'll walk you through the set-up and provide training for your staff/volunteers, and then you can start reaching new populations through chat.



When You Join, You Get:

  • One on one assistance from an experienced coordinator.
  • A manual explaining what directors need to know about chat.
  • Access to a members only website with helpful updates.
  • A complete training manual to train chat specialists.
  • Monthly conference calls to talk to other chat centers.
  • Access to marketing materials.


What Are the Costs?

There is no cost to joining the network.  Contact USA has additional member benefits available for a yearly fee (which is not mandatory to join chat), which will give you access to a wider network, certification, and yearly conferences.


It is possible to start chat at your center for no cost -- only a time investment.  The minimum needed for an accredited* crisis center to start chat is:
  • a computer
  • a reliable and secure internet connection
  • chat software (available through iCarol or for free through Sitemax for members of Lifeline)
  • The time to learn about chat, the software, and train at least one chat specialist (several hours beyond normal crisis intervention training)
  • At least one chat specialist, who could be a volunteer.
*We accept accreditation from Contact USA and AAS (the American Association of Suicidology).  If your center is not accredited, Contact USA can provide accreditation.  Find out more information about accreditation on the Contact USA website here.


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