"Because of (chat), my children still have a mother, my mom still has a daughter, my students still have a teacher...I still have a life.
-Anonymous chat visitor, November 2011

Donate to Save Lives

More than half of our visitors are having suicidal thoughts.  Our specialists receive extensive suicide intervention training, and we work with visitors on a plan to keep them safe.  Your donation to CONTACT USA helps prevent suicide.

Donate to Help People Who Aren't Getting Help Otherwise

Lifeline Crisis Chat reaches people who have not sought help any other way.  We hear from many visitors that if Chat did not exist, they would not get help at all.  Others have told us things they have not even felt comfortable talking about to their therapist.  With your help, we can reach even more people. 

Donate to Help Crisis Chat Grow

The number of chats we receive each day has increased 2000% since January 2011 (Yes, that means we have 20 times as many visitors now).  With your help, we can provide training to more staff and volunteers, enabling more chats to be answered and helping us to expand our hours of operation.

  • $20 pays for one month of hosting for our website.
  • $200 pays for one month of chat software and technical support for one of our member crisis centers.
  • $1000 pays for a new crisis center to get its staff and volunteers trained to join the network.  One new center can answer 1,000 to 2,000 chats per year from visitors in need.

Any donation is welcome.

You can save lives with us.

Lifeline Crisis Chat is a partnership between CONTACT USA and Link 2 Health. Donations will go directly to CONTACT USA, a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, EIN 23-7206811. As such, your donations are tax deductible. These donations will be used to directly support the individual CONTACT USA centers within the network that are providing the front line chat services. Our hope is to build their capacity to reach our goal of expanded future service to those in need.  

Contact USA would like to thank the following sponors for making CrisisChat.org possible.